25 Unique, Bizarre, and Hilarious Gifts for the Coffee Lover in your Life

No End of Gift-Giving Occasions

Christmas, Hanukkah, and Valentine’s Day are behind us, and the weather is warming up as bees begin to buzz and birds begin to feather their nests. If you thought gift-giving season was behind you, think again! Noteworthy gift-giving occasions like Easter, Star Wars Day, Cinco de Mayo, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Shavuot, Ramadan, and National Siblings Day will be here before you know it. And we can’t forget that there are 365 days in the year, any of which could mark the birthday of a java lover. In case you need a unique gift for that special coffee addict in your life, we’ve compiled a list of ideas. If your intended gift recipient falls into the “hard to shop for, they have everything” category, this post will help!

For Those Who Take Showers

1, Pretty much everyone takes showers, right? Right! So how about giving a coffee-themed shower curtain? It’s a practical gift, and if you love to give gifts that match, check out the matching blanket here.

2. While your friend is in the shower, he or she can indulge in a coffee body scrub. The product includes sweet almond oil, Vitamin E, orange oil, brown sugar, and sea salt sourced by exclusively by mermaids.>

3. If a body scrub isn’t enough, you can gift body wash, body serum to that special someone.

For the Kitchen

4. First thing in the morning, your loved one can proudly don an coffee apron that pays homage to their favorite beverage and lets others in their home know the rules for the morning. “First I drink coffee, then I do the things.”

coffee apron

5. Then he or she can pull out the World’s Largest Coffee Cup to get the day started on the right foot. Refills will be a thing of the past, as this vessel holds a whopping 1.33 gallons of coffee. Empty, this gargantuan cup weighs 8.7 pounds, so anyone can sip their coffee and get a nice upper body workout at the same time.

6. If an ultra-jumbo sized coffee cup isn’t enough to jump-start the heart, offer your loved one a bag of Death Wish, the World’s Strongest Coffee. This blend is described as dark and rich with a hint of fruitiness. (Remind the recipient to sip wisely; the caffeine content in Death Wish coffee is no joke!)

7. And if a case of the jitters causes your favorite coffee drinker to make a mess, no problem! This organic cotton coffee-themed kitchen towel can clean up the mess and while simultaneously providing interesting reading material.>

8. Need a unique spice blend for barbecuing fish, steak, or ribs? The Coffee BBQ Rub sure to please the grill cook.


9. Coffee is near and dear to many hearts, touted as the world’s most widely consumed psychoactive drug. Why not display this adoration with this pendant depicting a caffeine molecule?


10. If the molecule necklace seems a bit too far on the science-y side, your friend or loved one may prefer this simple yet elegant handmade coffee bean necklace. It’s made of sterling silver and, like a cup of coffee, looks great on anyone.

Especially for Pyromaniacs or People who are Always Cold

11. The cold-natured, bundled up coffee lover in your life will go nuts over this Pine Mountain Java-Log Fire Log. It’s green, it burns clean, and it’s the only fire log made from recycled coffee grounds. (Every purchase supports the Arbor Day Foundation, too, so it’s a win-win!)

12. No fireplace? No problem. Enjoy the flickering ambiance of this coffee candle It’s 2″ tall by 3″ wide and is made of a paraffin wax blend.

13. In case these products just don’t provide enough warmth, add the tantalizing aroma of coffee to any blazing fire with these coffee-scented fire starters. They’re infused with naturally fragrant coffee, and made from 100% recycled materials.

14. Have a liquor-lover on your gift list? This coffee-infused tequila is sure to make your java lover the hit of the party. It’s a dry, low-proof coffee liqueur, a unique tequila beverage with the reputation of Patrón.

15. For the DIY person in your life, this make-it-yourself coffee liqueur kit is a unique gift. Your friend simply adds their favorite rum and follows the directions to create “a libation redolent with vanilla, dark-roast coffee, and a hint of chipotle.” Then invite yourself to their house for cocktails.


16. Got a female pothead in the family? No, not THAT kind of pot. Coffee pot, silly. This women’s tank top proudly announces the wearer’s coffee addiction, and keeps anyone stylishly cool during the warm summer months.

17. This t-shirt has nothing on Einstein. Is this formula explained as “energy equals mass times the speed of light squared”? Only in the land of science. In the land of coffee, this equation means something very different. Energy equals milk + coffee, of course.

Artwork and Home Accessories

18. A back-up supply of coffee is as important as a smoke alarm and a fire extinguisher, right? In case of emergency, this artwork serves as both a decoration and a possible life-saver.

19.For the die-hard Christmas ornament collector, this sparkly, hand-crafted glass ornament is a terrific gift idea. It’s particularly unexpected if you give it MONTHS ahead of time! It’ll look lovely on any holiday tree.

20.How about cracking open a book about our favorite subject? After a caffeinated cup or two, your friend or loved one will plow through this highly rated hardback in no time. “If coffee is the foundation of your food pyramid, then this is your book.” We couldn’t agree more!

21.Does someone need a desk lamp by which to read that new book? This coffee-themed light is perfect!

22. Etsy is the place for locating custom, handmade gifts, and this vintage coffee-stained stationery is pretty and practical.

Relax and Unwind

23. Maybe it’s time to relax after all that caffeine. It’s easy when you gift wrap a coffee-themed coloring book. Adult coloring books are all the rage these days.

24. While using crayons and colored pencils to relax, your loved one can sit back and watch A Film About Coffee at the same time. Purchase a copy of this devotee documentary here.

And Finally…

25. If the caffeinated person on your gift list is finding is hard to relax, we have to admit that we aren’t surprised.

Be the gift-giver that everyone talks about. Birthdays, holidays, or just-because days deserve special gifts for coffee lovers.

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