Best Coffee Types To Keep You Awake

Best Coffee Types to Help You Survive The Holidays

The holiday season is finally here and you feel as though you should be awake all day, every day so you don’t miss out on any of the best experiences with family and friends. Right?

Well, here’s the good news. If you’re a lover of coffee – you’re on to a good thing! Thanks to that delicious goodness they call caffeine, you’re going to be enjoying the taste – and staying awake longer!

What makes coffee an ideal choice for staying awake is its ability of being warm and energizing and also gives you a relaxing effect. And if staying awake or relaxing isn’t enough – coffee also makes you smarter, helps you burn fat and improves your physical performance, it has great health benefits for your liver, and it is packed with antioxidants and nutrients.

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Although you might love coffee, at this time of year it’s important that you realize not ALL coffee will have the same affect in helping you stay away so you can party throughout the New Year! So, we came up with some of the best coffee types to drink if you want to be eyes open at midnight, every night.


Best Coffee Types To Keep You Awake

It is a Starbucks specialty. It is blended with whole milk, flavored syrup, ice and Espresso. What makes it more ideal for you is its ease of preparing.

You only require ½ cup shot of espresso, 1 to 2 table spoons of sugar, a cup of ice, ½ cup of whole milk, and 1 to 2 table spoon of flavored syrup. It only takes you five to ten minutes for you to have a cup of Frappuccino.

Caramel Macchiato

This is a tasty and refreshing iced type of coffee drink also from the classics of Starbucks. It only takes five minutes to prepare and it is a perfect drink for quenching your thirst as well as keeping you awake.

Caramel Macchiato requires vanilla syrup, cold milk, caramel sauce, a cup of large ice, and two shots of espresso or strongly brewed coffee.

Café Mocha

It is an American invention of the variant of the café latte. Café Mocha is a type of coffee drink containing hot milk and chocolate.

Worry not if you do not have a machine for preparing this type of coffee. Getting a café Mocha guide book will help you prepare it even without an espresso machine. You require chocolate powder, skimmed milk, whipped cream, and dark roasted coffee beans and only 15 minutes for you to have a cup of café Mocha.


It is one of the quickest types of coffee to prepare and only takes two to four minutes. It uses espresso; however it contains hot water instead of milk. The result is a cup of coffee with a different flavor but same strength of drip. You don’t require an espresso machine to prepare Americano. You simply need hot water and espresso.

Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee boasts an unrivaled aroma and taste. It is prepared and using a method from Turkish tradition. Despite of the Turkish coffee not being a common type of coffee found in coffee shops, you only need sugar, Cezve, Turkish coffee, and cold filtered water.

Café Cubano

Best Coffee Types To Keep You Awake

It is a type of coffee that originates from Cuba. You require around four to five teaspoons of sugar, a cup of water, and 5 table spoons of finely ground coffee.

You will only take ten minutes to prepare this espresso type of coffee from Cuba that is served in cute little tips.

Café latte

It is one of the popular types of coffee around, though it is commonly mistaken with the flat white. It only takes five minutes to be prepared and a jar of milk, frothered milk, and espresso.

Irish coffee

It only takes ten minutes to have a cup of Irish coffee. It is a combination of sugar, thick cream, hot coffee and Irish whiskey. Irish coffee has an appealing history and will certainly give you a taste experienced by the first people who took this cup of coffee.

Café Au Lait

Café Au Lait actually translates simply to “coffee with milk”. It’s French and is delicious in flavor. You will need ¾ cup ground roasted coffee beans from French, milk and ¼ cup of ground chicory.


This is a type of coffee prepared by using Italian method of producing espresso-style coffee at home. Water is placed at the base and above it is filled with finely ground coffee.


Best Coffee Types To Keep You Awake

Cortado is typically drank in the afternoon before dinner and will certainly keep you awake during the day in this holiday season. It has just a small amount of warm milk and espresso, which helps to reduce acidity.

It is a cooler type of coffee compared to macchiato and contains plenty of milk. If you are crossroads in choosing between hot and iced coffee, Cortado is a perfect choice for you. You only require warm and frothy milk and espresso.


Yum! This is made with hot milk, espresso beans and foamed milk. You can use a milk steamer if you want a nice thick froth. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes to prepare using milk, whisk and espresso.

Iced coffee

If you’re in a warmer area, this is a great refreshing beverage to help you stay awake throughout the holiday season. As long as you keep it cold (add a bit of ice for extra joy), you will have a refreshing drink during the day. It’s easy to make at home and you only require milk, sweetener and coffee to have a cup of refreshing iced coffee.

Good old plain coffee

You don’t need to go all fancy when it comes to drinking your coffee. Just make a cup a home, with some instant coffee, a bit of milk, some sugar or honey, and hot water – boom. You’re ready to go. Use your favorite beans and stick to something stronger for a bit of extra zing!

Get drinking! Do you need a 4 cup coffee maker for your home?

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