Review for KRUPS KM9008 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Review for KRUPS KM9008 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Is Krups KM9008 Coffee Maker any good? – Reviews for KM9008

TheKRUPS KM9008 is a convenient 12-cup coffeemaker, with a compact size and multiple functions. In this post you will find the main features and reviews from former consumers.

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Main Features and Highlights of KM9008

The KRUPS KM9008 brews delicious hot coffee. With the press of a button, you can program the interior carafe to remain hot for 3 hours.

It has three different height levels for the drip tray, meaning that almost all sizes of cups and mugs can fit easily. The patented Krups Precise Warming Technology in the KM9008 keeps your coffee warm at a regulated temperature.

It is a programmable coffee maker

krups km9008 review consumer reports

For more convenience this coffeemaker has programmability for weekend/weekday settings, large/small cup size options, an immediate flow stop, an aroma setting, and a countdown timer.

Very durable

The KM9008 is highly durable. The 12-cup water reservoir is made of fine stainless steel and it is removable. You can remove the reservoir for easier filling. It also has a three-level removable drip tray that fits cups and mugs of different sizes.

The KRUPS KM9008 takes up very little counter space. This coffeemaker is designed compactly, with dimensions of 14.0” x 9.9” x 14.56″. It’s also easy to clean.

Where to Buy Krups KM9008?

Weekend settings

Krups KM9008 review
Krups KM9008

As you can see from the control panel of the KRUPS KM9008, this coffeemaker offers many frequently-used and programmable functions. The KM9008 provides two settings: weekday and weekend.

Therefore, changing the setting of your coffeemaker when it is Saturday will no longer bother you. Meanwhile, this coffeemaker also has a cup size selector and a brew strength selector.

You can either choose a large cup, small cup, or the manual pour option for dispensing coffee to your family or coworkers. Up to 12 cups of coffee is brewed inside the unit, and then dispensed one cup at a time with the touch of a button.

Unique dispensing system

Using an unique dispensing system, it dispenses a straight, smooth flow of coffee that avoids splashes or drips. With the strength selector, normal or strong coffee can be brewed according to your choice.

krups km9008 reviews for consumer

Furthermore, there is also a timer to remind you how recently the coffee has been brewed.

Why would we choose the Krups KM9008? There are nearly 200 reviews of the Krups KM9008 Coffeemaker from former consumers who have purchased and used this product.

You might think it is a little bit pricy for a basic coffeemaker. But the product is high quality, as is the coffee it produces. When it is in early morning, some consumers may find this coffeemaker to be a little bit noisy.

But the KRUPS KM9008 makes coffee very quickly, and your first cup will be finished within few minutes. KRUPS is very well known for its high quality and good customer support. The KM9008 has a 1-year warranty, but an additional 2-year warranty may be available on sites like Amazon.

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Summary for the Krups KM9008 Coffeemaker

Krups KM9008

All in all, with this product’s unique method of dispensing coffee, you can enjoy the benefits of convenience and really great coffee at home or in the office.

It is versatile with multiple functions, and it is durable with high quality construction. If anything goes wrong in the process of using this coffeemaker, the excellent customer service can help you solve your problems.

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